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Hi everyone and welcome to our “Signature Conference” : COMING TO FLORIDA!


My name is Tristan and I am thrilled to be here with you today!

I’m gonna go ahead and first explain to you more than twenty different options for you to move into the US.

So let me quickly run through all the topics we'll explore today before diving into the first chapter.

● First, your Rights here're named The Do’s & Dont’s

(What you're allowed to do vs What you're not allowed to do on US soil before enjoying your privileges).

● The 3 Steps of Immigration

(Here we talk about the differences between: The Visas - The Green Card & The Citizenship).

● Also the IRS & the USCIS.

(2 Entities you’ll have to please in order to achieve your transition).

● We're obviously gonna talk about all the different kinds of Visas.

(Such as the NAFTA Job List, VISAS related to Work, Investments, Studies, the K-1 Fiancé - and many many more).

● Do you own a business? - I’m sure you do!

(We’re gonna take a moment to discuss about the E2 Visa, the E1 trader and the EB-5 investor’s).

● This will open the door to broach The Business Models, both Start-Ups & Acquisitions.

● Also, The 3 Fundamental Pillars.

(I’m talking about: Commercial Premises - Equipment & Inventory).

● We’re gonna CHAT about : Real Estate - Whether it's : Buy - Rent - Flip or Sale.

● Also, we’re gonna dive into the 1099’s and the W2’s to understand the difference between employees and contractors.

● And finally: We’re gonna give you The Famous “TO DO LIST”:

(WHAT TO DO Prior the Departure & WHAT TO DO, As soon as you Arrive on US soil).

So these are the ingredients we’re gonna cook with, during today's Big event, here named : COMING TO FLORIDA!

Don’t forget to take notes but don’t worry too much cause we’ll keep you updated on informations throughout the whole show in case you would have missed anything!

I’m so tickled about this right now for so many reasons, so let's not waste another moment:

COMING TO FLORIDA starts, Right Now!

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